What is my responsibility in terms of my wellness versus my ill health?

A chiropractor may be able to direct patients toward treatment and practices that lead to wellness in health, but it is the patient who ultimately bears the responsibility for his or her own well-being. Unfortunately, it is quite common for people in our medicine-oriented culture to believe they can abuse their bodies and take a pill to quiet their symptoms, which arise from imprudent actions.
In recent years, increasing numbers of Americans have come to recognize the link between regular exercise, proper nutrition and stress reduction while maintaining good health.

Will monthly adjustments prevent progression of spinal arthritis?

Routine adjustments will slow the progression of spinal degeneration, commonly referred to as degenerative arthritis. When something is misaligned or restricted, other segments move more, trying to maintain the same motion. But over time, the segments that are moving too much become degenerative because of the instability in the area. This is where early degenerative arthritis starts. Removing the fixation will allow the segments to move easily and properly, slowing the body's degenerative processes.

Will chiropractic adjustments correct a TMJ problem?

Adjusting and stretching the temporal mandibular joint can reduce and in some cases completely alleviate the symptoms of TMJ, including clicking while chewing, pain in the jaw, and headaches.

Can headaches be eliminated without medication?

Headaches can have many causes and while each person is different, our clinic has had great success with relieving headaches. We can also help with migraines. While most migraines respond favorably to adjustments, we cannot guarantee that all causes will be so.

If a disc can't actually 'slip' then what IS a slipped disc?

Slipped disc is a misnomer. The disc doesn't actually slide anywhere, it's more likely that part of the disc has been damaged or weakened and is pushing on a nerve root or the spinal cord.

What treatment would you recommend for whiplash?

Whiplash, or the neck snapping back and forth very quickly, is a very serious condition. The ligaments on the back and/or the front side of the vertebrae can become overstretched. It is very important that the neck be realigned so the bones are kept in their normal alignment. If the body heals and the bones are not in their normal alignment, there can be complications, which may result in degeneration over time.

Do chiropractors prescribe drugs?

Chiropractors in general, unless duly licensed by the state, do not prescribe drugs, but have expert knowledge of body mechanics, nervous systems, nutrition, exercise, flexibility, and stress management.

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